I am a designer who makes use of developer tools such as git.

My Strengths:
  1. 1. Being a bridge between design and development.
    • - I am at a professional standard with regards to version control and collaboration in git
    • - My knowledge of git and sketch makes me a perfect candidate to introduce a design team on version controlling and collaboration using, a tool which introduces a visual git style functionality for sketch.
  2. 2. Designing and implementing static sites with maintainable code bases
    • - I have built component pattern libraries both in bootstrap (Devsigner) and in html/scss (this portfolio site) and can add dynamic elements using liquid within a Jekyll site.
    • - These tools allow me to act as a front-end development sous chef. In smaller teams I can go straight from paper sketches to live component libraries without the need for sketch as an intermediate step to speed up development time.
  3. 3. Understanding tools for prototyping mobile experiences
    • - I truly believe Framer is the future of mobile prototyping and have an in-depth knowledge of its community tools and libraries (i.e. Zeplin integration equivalent for Framer).
Work History

I'm a freelancer working on a full time basis as part of a two-person team operating in a simliar way to a pantomine horse (I am the front-end of said horse 🐴). We design, build and develop esoteric developer tools which will be launched on Github.

I work from a beautiful office right next to the British Museum in the heart of London. Coworking has connected me with lots of awesome people and a tiny dog called Ash.

In a previous life I received a BA in Economics and Politics from the University of Exeter and worked in sales. Working at an Apple Store whilst completing my degree gave me an immersive education in User Experience Design.